Add Your Blog to Your Website on CompanyEgg

CompanyEgg Documentation

Your free CompanyEgg listing allows you to link to your websites blog and showcase your most recent content from your website automatically. Whenever your business blog is updated, your CompanyEgg Business Profile will show your most recent posts (up to 5).

Follow the instructions below to showcase your most recent content directly on your CompanyEgg Business Profile:


Login to your CompanyEgg Business Dashboard

Follow this link to login to your business dashboard.

Navigate to Your Business Listing

After you have signed in to your account, click the business you would like to add your blog to.


Skip to Section 3 on the "Edit Business" page.

In section 3 of the Edit Business page, there is a field named "My Website Blog."


Enter your websites blog

Type or paste your websites blog into the field.


Check that the link is correct

After you have entered your website into the field "My Website Blog," click the checkbox and ensure the screenshot shown matches your websites blog.